Make Your Fleet MAKE MORE For You

Did you know that with a fleet management system you can now have full control of your vehicle fleet? Well, it is very possible, whether you are a fleet operator or a general manager.  Depending on the type of business, the system is used to enhance and increase efficacy, as well as help maximize the profit of the company’s fleet of vehicles. The intriguing part about the system is that it brings your fleet of vehicles and their drivers right on your palms! Amazing huh? That is not all my friend, below is a sneak peak of how the system works for you:

  • You are able to maintain your services as a company. This is very imperative especially if your company is the type that depends on its fleet of tracks to deliver or pick packages from one place to another.

In addition, you are able to monitor your drivers. This way you are able to curb unnecessary stops (which is time wasting) as well as reckless driving which would have a very negative impact on your company. Of course you want to uphold your company’s reputation.

  • Besides that, you are able to monitor such things as: distance travelled statistics of fuel consumption, performance based maintenance, among many others.
  • The good part is that the system is very flexible in that it can be used by all types of companies, small and large.

Having full control over your fleet is your biggest concern, right? Well, with, for instance, Fleet Max Plus, a system that has been developed and supported locally for Australian conditions, gives you the power of having maximum control over your fleet. With this, you will solve the statement that you always type on Google, “Fleet management made easy.” Actually, the whereabouts of your fleet of tracks is as far as a button’s touch away!

The fact that it utilizes fully licensed mapping and is immediately updated as new maps become available proves that it is convenient and one can certainly consider having it.

With this system, you will be able to access telematics support, as well as receive 24/7 reports from your fleet. Additionally, tracking and locating your vehicle(s) will be as easy as A B C. THIS ACCOUNTS FOR PROVISION OF REALTIME VEHICLE VISIBILITY. Below are some of the reports you will be receiving:

  • Fleet productivity; violation notifications and vehicle usage reports will be availed as well as automated reports and reminders.
  • Vehicle monitoring and security; this will further include services such as: GPS tracking, automated theft alert, among others.
  • Driver monitoring; you will be able to view your driver’s profile, receive violation reports and driver score reports.
  • Vehicle utilization and efficiency; mileage monitoring and time at location reports will be absolutely at your fingertips.

Finally, it is imperative that you locate a professional and verified fleet management company to manage your fleet other than you straining to do it yourself. You might have to spend some cash but it is worth it. This is because you will be to keep statistics intact and you use them to arrange, assign and manage your vehicles. Want to find out how to get started? Visit

Make Your Fleet MAKE MORE For You